Tamana S.H. Djuya , born in 1984, is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.


She is a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in abstract expressionism, representational art, cartoons, and sculptures. Her artwork, produced using a variety of forms, explores issues related to the human condition, sociopolitical cross-cultural dialog, and the environment. Her projects often consist of multiple forms of media and non-traditional materials. They fuse her experience and memories of war, destruction, and chaos.


Tamana likes to play with visual codes, lay out images, and overlap them to connect different ideas and perspectives. There is a childlike curiosity and freedom in her artwork. Her latest project is an assemblage of her childhood memories, layered in forms and dark backgrounds and overlapped with vibrant colours and expressive gestures. Her distinct application of ink washes in non-representational form is influenced by Asian calligraphy.


Tamana's artistic vocabulary raises historical and timeless question while formulating a wholly contemporary artistic message. Djuya's work has been exhibited and collected since 2015, and has found its way into the hand of private collectors in Canada, USA and Europe.



My artwork depicts a critical view of socio-political and cultural issues as well as interpersonal themes. I draw together different thoughts that come to my mind, to create artworks that invite a rethinking of how we see things. Regularly, I try to deploy ironic humour associated with absurdity in my artworks. The idea behind my work is to entertain but also to create a ‘space’ that provides an opportunity for exchanging ideas and making connections between old and new, in order to open up possibilities for dialogue.


In my paintings, I explore memories and express my feelings through drawings and paintings. I like the freedom of playing with the media to create small accidents and unexpected surprises. In addition, I like to work with ‘controllable’, which is also a spontaneous and unpredictable medium like ink and water, which contains the power of the universe. The more one wants to control it, the more one realizes that it is out of control. It is like “The controllable in an uncontrollable world”. It is impossible to predict the outcome of a creation, which for me is something particularly amazing. 


Art remains a strong contender of how we share thoughts and ideas and remains an unpredictable source of imagination. 


Selected exhibition

Current and upcoming 


2020 Port Moody Art Centre - Port Moody, Canada  (cancelled due to COVID-19) 


2020 Silk Purse Art Centre "West Vancouver Community Arts Council" - "Transformation" Virtual Art Exhibition - West Vancouver

2020 Silk Purse Art Centre "West Vancouver Community Arts Council" -"Art Unlocked" Virtual Art Exhibition - West Vancouver

2020 Silk Purse Art Centre "West Vancouver Community Arts Council"- Distant Together Virtual Art Exhibition - West Vancouver 

2020 Federation of Canadian Artists - 2020 Social distancing - Vancouver, Canada 

2020 Access Gallery - Vancouver, Canada

2018 Port Moody Art Centre - Port Moody

2018 Silk Purse Gallery – West Vancouver

2017 North Vancouver Arts Council / City Scape Art space – North Vancouver

2017 UNICEF GALA - Calgary, Canada


2017 Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery - Vancouver, Canada​

2017 Imago Mundi Collection exhibition dedicated to Canada for its 150th ----Anniversary - "Instituto Veneto di Scienze Lettreed Arti, Venice and Venice Biennale Viva Art Viva 

2017 Seymour Art Gallery - West Vancouver

2017 Canada – Shortlisted artist of “All for Change” - Aga Khan Foundation Canada

2017 Spectrum - Silk Purse Gallery - West Vancouver, Canada 

2016 Art 4 Life – Port Moody Art Centre – Port Moody

2016 UNICEF Water for Life Gala- Halifax, Canada


2016 Shortlisted Together Art Contest “AllForChange” – Aga Khan Foundation Canada


2016 Love in Any Languages – Ferry Building Gallery- West Vancouver

2016 Solo Exhibition – Port Moody Public Library

2016 Solo exhibition “Arzo & Omid” _Hope & Wish- Michael Wright Art Gallery – Port Coquitlam

2015 Anonymous Show- North Vancouver Community Arts Council

2015 Representing Canadian Art in "Imago Mundi Global Project" Italy - Port Moody Art Centre "City of Arts" – Port Moody


2015 Winter Treasures - Port Moody Art Centre "City of Arts"

2015 Tao of Paper and Clay - Michael Wright Art Gallery - Port Coquitlam 



2015 Luciano Benetton Art Collection - Imago Mundi Art



2020 - , West Vancouver - Silkpurse Gallery 


2016 - UNICEF Water for Life Gala


2016- Snapd Tricities magazine, Port Moody, BC, Canada

2016- Aga Khan Foundation, Canada, Shortlisted within the finalists of “Together Art Contest”

2016 - TriCity Newpaper, Port Coquitlam, BC Canada


2015- Snapd Tricities magazine, Port Moody, BC, Canada







2014 - Illustration - Emily Carr University of Art and Design – Vancouver, Canada


2013-2014 - Classical Drawing and Painting - "City of Arts" Port Moody, Canada

2003 - Degree in Business and Economics, Germany

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