Light in Despair 

Through life’s tumultuous moments – its great transitions and its daunting uncertainties – I have always maintained hope; my series Light in Despair reflects this tension and its subsequent renewal. As a child, my father taught me about traditional ink calligraphy. At an early age, I was well-acquainted with the materiality and alchemy of ink and water, how it bled on wet paper and how it had a life of its own. I believe that ink and water holds the power of the universe in its ability to act on its own accord, moving in directions that I can never control; it is impossible to anticipate the direction of the ink’s path and that uncertainty fascinates me. My work reinvents calligraphy’s traditions as it intersects with the techniques and conceptions of Abstract Expressionism; I seek to convey the affective dimensions of light and dark in my work, not only in their tonal capacities but also in their ability to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas – a dialogue – and make connections between old and new. It is in this way that my work depicts a critical view of socio-political and cultural ideas through my own experiences in life. In my series Light in Despair, I explore notions of chance; I welcome small accidents and unexpected surprises. 


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